September 30, 2023
Kim Nunez Obituary - Death, Retired Chief Detective Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office Has Died

Kim Nunez Obituary – Death, Retired Chief Detective Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office Has Died

Kim Nunez Death, Obituary – The news of the death of Chief Detective Kim Nunez has left us in a state of mourning. Nunez had just lately left his position in the police department and retired. Our hearts are broken. Your thoughts and prayers are requested to be offered up for the Nunez family. Thank you. During his 36 years of service, he was a member of a number of different departments, including patrol, investigations, and narcotics, before ultimately becoming Chief Detective. Among these departments was also the drugs unit. The narcotics unit was another one of these departments that we looked into.

He was a skilled marksman who found a lot of enjoyment in practicing his aim on a variety of targets. Every day, he repeated the actions of his father and grandpa, Red Nunez, who had come before him and carried on the family business. From the two of them, he was able to gather a tremendous deal of perceptive knowledge. When compared to the other activities he could do with his hands, such as making things and working with his hands, Kim found that repairing things gave him the most satisfaction. He took a great deal of delight in conducting repairs on a diverse assortment of things, ranging from autos to washing machines and everything in between, and he did so with a huge smile on his face. He found enjoyment in physically demanding activities.