September 29, 2023
Ken Kramer Obituary, Learn more about Ken Kramer Death

Ken Kramer Obituary, Learn more about Ken Kramer Death

Ken Kramer Death, Obituary – After learning of Charter Member Ken Kramer’s passing on December 15, 2022 in Quincy, Illinois at the age of 79, the Club is in a state of grief. The Club expressed their disappointment in hearing the news. Ken won the title of Big Creek’s Club Champion in the year 2000 for the first time, and he went on to win it again in the year 2002. In 2002, he won this award for the second time. If the competition had taken place in 2001, it is quite probable that the winner would have gone on to win the following two tournaments as well, giving them a perfect record of three wins in a row if it had taken place in that year.

Golf was Ken’s game, and he was an accomplished player who also belonged to the club where he played. Alzheimer’s illness, which he struggled with throughout his whole life, was ultimately responsible for his passing. The following link will take you to an online obituary for him:…/651693/kendall-john-kramer/. Ken and his wife Cathy attended to the team supper that was held the night before the Ozark Cup event that was conducted on May 15, 2015.

This tournament was for the Ozark Cup. The accompanying photo collection features images of Ken and his wife, Cathy, as well as an employee group shot with the whole team. You can find Ken right in the middle of the row that is immediately behind us. His seat is right there. The first tee of Twin Lakes Golf Course, which is where his team competed in the 1996 Baxter Regional Hospital Foundation competition, is also captured in this photograph.

Additionally, his name is engraved on a plaque that is displayed in the section of the locker room designated for club champions. In the picture that can be seen above, moving from left to right and clockwise, we have Randy Costa, the late Chuck Morton, Ken Tbone Lind, and Kevin Tbone Lind. Our ASGA Junior competition is named after Chuck Morton in recognition of his contributions over the years. Photographic image captured on June 8th, 1996.