June 6, 2023
Kathy Westley Obituary - Death, Former Member The Property Shop Has Died

Kathy Westley Obituary – Death, Former Member The Property Shop Has Died

Kathy Westley Death, Obituary – On January 8, 2019, while surrounded by her loved ones, Kathy Westley passed away in a calm and serene manner, and she is now watching over us as an angel. Her birthday is April 8th, 1949, and she spent her youth on the banks of the Colorado River adjacent to the enormous pines just east of the No Name Tunnel. Her birthday is April 8th, 1949. Together with her wonderful sister Debbie, she participated in a number of 4H competitions with their animals and worked on a variety of 4H projects.

Both Debbie and Kathy were accomplished equestrians who, like their mother and father before them, continued to contribute to the expansion of the 4H program in our valley. Kathy received her high school diploma from Glenwood Springs in 1967 and has maintained close relationships with several of her classmates ever since. She and her family had a very deep connection to the Hot Springs pool that dated back many generations. They made memories that would last a lifetime by spending almost every day in the pool, and those memories are now being passed down through the generations.

Kathy was fortunate enough to find her soul mate in Craig Westley, and the two went on to have a long and happy marriage during which they shared many exciting experiences together, including participation in rodeo, trips to the family cabin with the Flat Tops, and the responsibility of parenting their son, Jess. Kathy was an amazing mother, and she shared her maternal love with all of us, even though we were incredibly fortunate to have her as a part of our lives. She was a godly woman and extremely strong in her faith. She was a lengthy host of a Bible Study group that she began in 2001.

She was also a prominent part of the Christian Woman’s Club and PEO. She was a prayer warrior, and our Lord used her to watch over and protect many of us who desperately required someone like Kathy. She was used by our Lord in this way. After that, she became a member of the women’s business partnership that launched The Property Shop. Kathy was able to achieve a great deal of success in her professional life by putting in a lot of effort, being generous and kind, and having the unflinching support of her work family.