September 23, 2023
Kathleen Blake Obituary, Kathleen Blake has passed away - Death

Kathleen Blake Obituary, Kathleen Blake has passed away – Death

Kathleen Blake Death, Obituary – We were shocked to hear about the demise of Kathleen “Katy” Blake, and our hearts go out to the Blake family during this trying time. Please accept our sincere sympathies. As a direct result of her departure, a void has been left in each of our hearts that will never be able to be filled. During this difficult time, we would be grateful if you could acknowledge our heartfelt condolences and that we are sorry for your loss. We are sorry for the loss that you have suffered.

The medical treatment that Blake had been undergoing at the MRC prior to the time that he suffered an injury to his spinal cord in 2010 was the direct cause of the harm that Blake suffered to his spinal cord in 2010. This injury was a direct consequence of the medical care that Blake had previously gotten at the MRC, which led to his initial presentation at the emergency room. The year 2010 marked the beginning of the onset of the initial signs of this condition. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who had the privilege of knowing and loving her at this trying time.

We are thinking about and praying for you. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers as we go about our day. I pray that they are able to find comfort in one another’s company and that this is answered prayer. My wish is that they would be able to console and help one another out in this time of need. She was widely regarded by the entire team as a tremendously valuable asset that any one of us could draw upon to accomplish our goals. Our deepest appreciation goes out to Katy’s family, as well as to all of Katy’s other relatives and friends, who have contributed memorial donations to the Wilson Research Foundation in her honor.

These donations are being made in Katy’s honor. These monetary contributions are being made in remembrance of Katy. These gifts are being made in Katy’s honor and in her memory as a way to show our gratitude. These monetary contributions were provided to the cause in honor of Katy, who was a supporter of it. It was a really thoughtful and generous act on the part of Katy’s family to donate the medical supplies and equipment that they had previously donated to the MRC.