September 21, 2023
Karen Lyke Obituary, Karen Lyke has died - Death

Karen Lyke Obituary, Karen Lyke has died – Death

Karen Lyke Obituary, Death – On October 29th, 1967, Karen Lynn Lyke was born in the community of Kentwood, which is located within the state of Michigan. Karen would never respond with a joke when asked by Gravestone Pizza in jest what she would like to have written on her tombstone. Instead, she would always answer seriously. Instead, she would adopt a solemn demeanor. The tone of the query was meant to be lighthearted. She would respond by stating something along the lines of “she is not here.

The previous level has been surpassed by her. Even if she had been aware that having her body cremated was the decision that would have been in the most beneficial way for us, the fact that she had made the decision to carry it out should at the very least be included in her obituary. [Case in point:] At the age of 54, Karen had a heart attack that was brought on by issues with edema brought on by uncontrolled diabetes. Karen’s heart attack was brought on by complications with edema.

She suffered a sad death as a direct consequence of this heart attack. She passed away in the afternoon of Jan 12, 2023, leaving behind her husband Andy, two brothers, Mark and Kevin (Carrianne), and five nieces: Nichole, Jessica, Danielle, Jennifer, and Tia. She was survived by her husband Andy. The news of her passing was delivered to her relatives the following morning. Andy, her husband, is the only one who has survived her passing; all of her other loved ones have perished. Karen’s most recent parents, Dianna and Jerry, as well as her grandmother, Marion, had all passed away prior to her birth. Karen was an only child.