January 27, 2023
Justin Royer,

Justin Royer Obituary – Death, Victim Identified In December Shooting Dies – Death

Justin Royer Death, Obituary – On Monday, the Davenport Police Department was able to make public the identify of a person who was shot and killed in December. The incident occurred in December. December was the month when the incident took place. After receiving a complaint that shots had been fired in the 1500 block of West 16th Street in Davenport on December 5, law enforcement officials were sent to the location to investigate. During the course of their investigation, they discovered the lifeless body of Justin Royer, a citizen of Peoria who was forty years old and had been shot. The investigation into what took place is continuing at this very moment in time.

A person has been killed as a result of an investigation by police into an allegation of gunshots being fired in Davenport, which led to the investigation in the first place. The claim was what prompted the investigation in the first place. Officers from the Davenport Police Department were dispatched to the 1500 block of West 16th Street at around 5:06 a.m. on Monday, December 5 in response to a report that shots had been fired in the surrounding neighborhood. The incident was reported to have occurred earlier that morning. When the police arrived, they found a dead man who was forty years old and appeared to have been shot.

It appeared as though he had been killed by a gunshot. The wound gave the appearance of having been caused by a gunshot. It does not appear that this was a random act of violence because there have been no reports of any other injuries being sustained as a result of this incident. Due to the fact that the investigation into the incident is still in progress, there is currently no additional information that can be released. This is because there is no information that can be shared. Please get in touch with the Davenport Police Department if you have any information that could be relevant to the investigation that is currently being conducted. Thank you.