May 31, 2023
Justice Gomez Obituary

Justice Gomez Obituary – Death, A Famous Retired Justice Has Died

Justice Roger Gomez Death, Obituary – At a turn of events that can only be described as stunning, Justice Roger Gomez, who had only recently retired from the court, unexpectedly passed away today in a hospital that is close. The news of his passing has taken everyone by surprise. In the hospital where he was receiving treatment for his sickness, Gomez, who was the brother of Drexel Gomez, an Anglican Bishop, passed away on Monday. Gomez was a member of the Gomez family. In addition to that, Gomez was Drexel Gomez’s brother. Gomez was also the name of Drexel Gomez’s brother, who was also named Gomez. Drexel Gomez spent a significant portion of his life working for the Anglican Church in the capacity of Bishop.

In 1989, he started his career in the judiciary, after having been admitted to the Bar of the Bahamas in 1978 and having worked as a lawyer in private chambers up until that year. Before then, in 1978, he had been approved to practice law and become a member of the bar. Prior to that, he had been constantly engaged in the practice of law since 1978. Prior to his promotion to the position of chief judge in 2004, Gomez held the positions of stipendiary and circuit magistrate in the court system. Gomez had been serving in those posts before he was given this promotion.

In 2013, he was appointed to the Supreme Court, and almost immediately after that, he was assigned control of the family law division, and he was seated on the bench practically soon after that. In addition to that, he was in charge of organizing the effort that went into establishing a distinct family court. This responsibility fell within his purview throughout his time as chief justice. At one point in time, he was in charge of carrying out this obligation. Throughout the course of his time serving as chief justice, he was responsible for ensuring that this duty was carried out. During his time in office, it was his duty to ensure that this commitment was honorably discharged at every opportunity.

Justice Gomez and his wife Gloria Bethel, who was formerly known as Gloria Bethel, were able to have three children together after they were married. The names Michelle, Roger Jr., and Ricardo Gomez belong to the three children that Justice Gomez and his wife Gloria Bethel were able to have together. Before changing her name, Gloria Bethel was known simply as Gloria Bethel. Gloria Bethel was merely known by her original name before to her marriage to Justice Gomez, at which time she decided to change her name.