June 2, 2023

Juan Sanchez Obituary – Death, 52-year-old man killed in a car accident near Moonlight Mine Road

Juan Sanchez Obituary, Death – The Bannock County Coroner’s Office has determined the identify of the guy who passed away after falling off a roof on Moonlight Mine Road east of Pocatello on Tuesday. The incident occurred on Tuesday. Tuesday was the day that the incident took place. It was discovered that the person who had passed away was a native of the Shelley area. During the process of identifying the deceased individual, the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office and the Bannock County Coroner’s Office collaborated with one another to ensure that the deceased person was accurately identified.

An accident that took place on Moonlight Mine Road to the east of Pocatello claimed the life of Juan Sanchez, who was 52 years old. Sanchez passed away on Tuesday as a result of the accident. Tuesday was the day that the incident took place. His passing was the result of an unexpected accident. The event took place on a Tuesday of that week as the day of the week it occurred on. My thoughts and prayers are with Juan’s family as well as everyone else who was there for him in his final days and provided him with care. I am thankful for everyone who was there for him. I am grateful to each and every one of you for being there for him.

I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for standing by him through this difficult period. The coroner for Bannock County, Torey Danner, has made a statement in which he expresses his most heartfelt sympathies to the family for the loss that they have suffered as a direct result of the incident. The unfortunate passing of a member of the family was the direct result of the occurrence. In light of the fact that an effort was made to get in touch with the Sanchez family, the investigation at this point can be regarded to have been completed in its completeness and to have reached its conclusion. This is because an attempt was made to get in touch with the Sanchez family. This is the reason why this occurred.