June 3, 2023

Joseph Williams Obituary, Montgomery AL – Death, Joseph Williams Has Died

Joseph Williams Obituary, Death – A man has been brought into custody by the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in connection to a fatal shooting that occurred on Wednesday and was related to a domestic situation. The incident took place at a residence. Following a heated altercation between two members of the family, the shooting took place. A private residence was identified as the location where the event took place after investigation. Following a heated quarrel between two members of the family who are related to each other, one of them pulled out a gun and shot the other.

Deputy sheriffs were dispatched to the Hope Hull neighborhood’s 200 block of George Drive in response to a call for assistance that was received about nine o’clock in the evening. The incident occurred in the Hope Hull community. As soon as the law enforcement police arrived at the scene, they discovered that the victim, a guy by the name of Joseph Williams who was forty years old, had already passed away as a consequence of a gunshot wound. It was found out that the suspect, whose name was Terry Brandon Cumbie and who was forty years old at the time of his arrest, was there when he was taken into custody, and this was established through investigation.

After then, he was brought into custody and there were no further incidents that occurred while he was there. In addition to being charged with first-degree murder, Cumbie is also suspected of committing first-degree assault against a relative. This is a separate offense from the murder charge. The person who is said to have been victimized by Cumbie is a member of his family. These charges are connected to the alleged murder of a different family member, which took place at some point in the past. Cumbie is presently being held without the option to post bond while she is confined within the walls of the Montgomery County Detention Facility. This means that she cannot leave the facility.