September 30, 2023
Joseph Fumu Obituary, Kasende Jr Frederick MD, Has Died - Death

Joseph Fumu Obituary, Kasende Jr Frederick MD, Has Died – Death

Joseph Fumu Obituary, Death – Joseph Fumu, who had only turned 18 years old at the time, went to be with his Eternal Father God Almighty on the Monday, January 13, 2023. Joseph, also known as “Joe,” “Jojo,” “Babou,” and “Bobef,” held a greater significance to his family and friends than he was ever able to grasp in his lifetime. Joseph was also known as “Bobef.” He was the son of Francine Mwamba Kasongo-Kasende, who was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland, and Joseph Fumu Kasende, Sr.

Who was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His birthday is December 21st, 2004, and he was born in Atlanta, Georgia. During his final year of high school, Joseph attended Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Baltimore City, Maryland, where he excelled academically and athletically. He attended the Advanced Placement program. During the fall season that he took part in, the football team on which he played won their eleventh consecutive championship as the Maryland State Champions.

He was a member of the team that achieved this feat. In the days gone by, he was a member of the football team at Governor Thomas Johnson High School in Frederick, Maryland, which was the institution of higher education that he had previously attended. He did not need to utilize written music because he had a good ear and could play the violin perfectly by ear. He was quite enthusiastic about going to the gym and working out there.

Joseph’s late-night activities included having fun with his friends, playing Mario on the Nintendo switch, and heading to the Sheetz gas station to get some of the late-night snacks he needed. He was always very pleasant and humble, and he inspired everyone around him by the high standards he set for himself and the determination he had to achieve success.