May 31, 2023
Jordan Robert Obituary, Jordan Robert Has Passed Away At Age 30 - Death

Jordan Robert Obituary, Jordan Robert Has Passed Away At Age 30 – Death

Jordan Robert Death, Obituary – My brother Jordan Robert Anderson, who was thirty years old when he went away, died in an unexpected accident. As a direct result of the terrible event that transpired, our family is unable to discover any consolation in the aftermath of the death of a member of our family. He was Jordan Robert Anderson. During this tough time of grief as well as celebrating his life, we would be thankful for your prayers on behalf of my entire family. We are mourning the loss of my grandfather, and we are also honoring his life. At this time, we are both commemorating his life and expressing our sorrow at his passing away.

At one o’clock on the afternoon on Friday, January 27, a Celebration of Life will be held in honor of Jordan at Rose Church in Portland, Oregon. The date and location of the event are still to be determined. The city of Portland is home to the religious structure known as Rose Church. Regarding either the timing or the location of the event, a choice has not yet been determined as of this moment. We would want to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity, the words of support you have provided, and your prayers as we make our way through this very difficult time in our lives.

Andrew, the way I think about myself right now is appalling due to the fact that you did this to me. Be certain that you and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers at this trying time as you and your family remember your beloved brother and pay respect to his life. I pray that God would give you the peace of mind and the strength you need to get through this trying time as the consequences of this unexpected loss continues to weigh heavily on your shoulders.