September 28, 2023

Jonathan Elmore Obituary, Lincolnton NC Jonathan William Elmore Has Died – Death

Jonathan Elmore Obituary, Death – Lincolnton police have confirmed to Channel 9 that a man was killed on Wednesday morning close to S. Flint Street after being struck and killed by a train. The incident took place in the area of S. Flint Street. The occurrence took place close to S. Flint Street in the neighborhood. It was determined that the event had taken place in the area surrounding S. Flint Street.

The reports from the Lincolnton Police Department indicate that the incident took place shortly after ten o’clock in the morning when a CSX train that was moving west through town collided with a pedestrian. The train was traveling through town. The train was passing through the town at that time. At that time, the train was passing through the town and going through it several times.

On the tracks where he was walking when the accident occurred, the pedestrian, who has been identified as Jonathan William Elmore, was headed in the direction of the west when he was hit by the train. When the accident occurred, he was walking on those tracks. On the train tracks, the body of Jonathan William Elmore was found in its final resting place.

“Elmore appeared to be unaware that the train was behind him,” as stated by the Los Angeles Police Department. This outcome still took place despite the fact that train engineers reported to the authorities that “several horn signals were given.” The authorities have stated that they do not know what motivated Elmore to walk on the tracks; however, they do not know why he did it. They do not know what caused Elmore to walk on the tracks in the first place.

The Los Angeles Police Department, which reported that the incident had taken place, referred to the collision as “what appears at this time to be a tragic accident.” The department also stated that the incident had taken place.