June 2, 2023

John Walker Obituary – Death, The Founder Of SORSN Has Passed Away

John Walker Obituary, Death – People who are a part of SORSN would want to convey their sympathies to the Walker family on the passing of John Walker, who was involved in a horrible accident and subsequently passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained. Bryan Walker, who graduated from Memorial High School in 1993, and Todd Walker, who also graduated from Memorial High School in 1993, were both John Walker’s sons. Bryan’s father was John Walker, and Todd’s father was John Walker. In 1993, both Bryan and Todd Walker were successful in obtaining their diplomas. Members of the MHS class of 1995 Before John made the decision to step down from his position as the scorekeeper for the MHS football team a large number of years ago, he had served in that capacity for a combined thirty years prior to making that decision.

He was a well-known character in the Midway area, and throughout the course of his life, he had attended hundreds, if not thousands, of sporting events that took place in the Midway district. Throughout his life, he had attended many athletic events that took place in the Midway neighborhood. Throughout the course of his life, he had made it a habit to watch sporting competitions that were held in the Midway neighborhood. John’s coaching career spanned a number of different clubs, each of which appointed him to the position of head coach at some point during his tenure. In addition to that, for a period of time he served as the president of the KOC Baseball organization.

In addition to this, John was instrumental in the formation of a t-ball league at the Luminary church. He played a key part in this endeavor (circa 2008). In later years, the field that served as the location for games in the minor league was also renamed after him in recognition of the achievements that he had made. John also took a huge number of children and teenagers fishing, including the person who thought up the concept for SORSN, and he welcomed everyone to his home, which was located on Watts Bar lake. This guy was the one who came up with the idea for SORSN. John worked as a fishing guide for SORSN in addition to his other responsibilities.