May 28, 2023
John Nugent Obituary - Death, Kilgobinet Gaa President Has Died

John Nugent Obituary – Death, Kilgobinet Gaa President Has Died

John Nugent Death, Obituary – This evening, we were informed of our Honorary President John Nugent’s passing, which was met with a sense of profound loss and sorrow. Even though John had been sick for the past few weeks, we all anticipated that he would soon be back to his normal routine of walking around Kilnafrehan on a daily basis. John was the life and soul of Kilgobinet GAA during his entire life. Members of John’s family are dedicated members of the club, including John Jnr R.I.P. as a player and mentor, Paula R.I.P. as a fan and player with St. Pats, and Denise, Sharon, and Gillian as supporters.

The Nugent children, Ava, Jack, and Luke, are carrying on the family tradition of attending St. Patrick’s. Tess made certain that the jerseys were ready for the next day by washing, drying, and ironing them. Everyone in the club, whether young and old, will mourn John’s absence greatly. Both John and Tess were known for their willingness to assist others, whether it be a neighbor or someone at the church or school. This earned them a high level of respect and admiration in their community of Kilgobinet. In point of fact, John was the kind of man who did not have a single adversary wherever in the globe.

John enjoyed playing cards, drinking from his enormous bottle of Guinness, and rooting for his favorite team, Kilgobinet. An exemplary brother, husband, father, and grandfather, as well as a dependable, trustworthy, and devoted member of the Kilgobinet community. A true gentleman to the core. Sleep peacefully John. Kilgobinet GAA Club would like to send our heartfelt condolences to Tess, Denise, Sharon, Gillian, John’s brothers and sister, sons in laws, daughter in laws, grandchildren, nieces and nephews and extended relatives, as well as John’s numerous friends and neighbors. May the soil of his cherished Kilgobinet gently settle upon him and bless him.