June 1, 2023
John Joe Obituary, Sark Mi'kmaq Leader, has died - Death

John Joe Obituary, Sark Mi’kmaq Leader, has died – Death

John Joe Obituary, Death – A famous and outspoken Mi’kmaw spiritual leader who had lived on the island of Prince Edward in Canada and passed away not too long ago. On Sunday, Keptin John Joe Sark passed away while he was at home with his family in the house that they all shared. He was surrounded by his loved ones. He was 77. According to Andrew, Sark’s son, his father battled for what he believed in throughout his entire life and never gave up fighting for it, despite the difficulties that he encountered.

This is according to Andrew. In addition to penning books and striving to eliminate unpleasant stereotypes from schools and other institutions, he even had a meeting with the Pope to discuss the issue of residential schools. This was done in order to bring awareness to the issue. Epekwitk: Stories and Histories of the Mi’kmaq Nation was the title of his most recent book, which was published in the fall of 2022. It was his most successful work to this point.

According to reports, Andrew’s father had a deep faith and never ceased praying for other people, despite the fact that Andrew’s personal health was deteriorating at the time. This is what Andrew Sark, who was the son of the Sarks, claims to have said about it. Sark was unable to overcome the challenges that diabetes presented, and as a result, he passed away.