June 1, 2023
John Barnett Obituary

John Barnett Obituary – Death, Bass Player And Member Of The Bleach Boys Band Has Died

John Barnett Death, Obituary – We found out about John’s demise before the new year, which occurred before the holiday, and as a result, we are still in a state of disbelief because of it. This is the primary reason why we continue to be surprised. The band claims that John, a former member, “went away abruptly, without knowing what happened and without any suffering.” [Citation needed] On several times, we have performed on the same stage as them, and in addition to being an amazing bass player, he was an exceptional person.

Earlier on in this year, he unfortunately died away. His career as a punk rocker began in the 1970s, and he hasn’t slowed down much since then. He was a true pioneer of the genre. We will never, ever forget you, buddy, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing in life at this point in time. That much can be said with certainty. Keep your cool and proceed with what you were doing. John was a deeply committed Christian who had a great love for the Lord and had a profound dedication to the Christian faith. John loved the Lord with all of his heart.

When he did business with other people, he conducted himself in a manner that was both honest and fair. You could always put your trust in him no matter what.
At the Portland Air Base in the year 1961, John’s parents, Robert J. Barnett and Sharon L. Hamilton Barnett, were present to celebrate the birth of their first child. John was their first born child. John’s entrance into the world took place in the year 1961. Their grandfather, father, and both of their brothers served in the United States Navy.

Also serving in the Navy was their grandfather. In addition, their grandfather was a soldier. Alameda, which is found in the state of California, was where he spent the majority of his time when he was a younger man, and he did the majority of his time there. In 1966, he uprooted his life and relocated to Guam, where he enrolled in lessons at the Agat Village nearly as soon as he arrived on the island. Once he had settled in, he continued his education at the Agat Village. He became completely fluent in the language of the Agat people as well as their culture while he was attending those sessions. His family moved to Coronado, California, after his father was stationed in Guam for a period of two years for an assignment. There, he attended school for one year during the course of his academic career. Following the conclusion of his father’s service in Guam, the family moved to a new location once more.