September 30, 2023
Jeremy Quinby Obituary, former Lake Oswego Firefighter has died - Death

Jeremy Quinby Obituary, former Lake Oswego Firefighter has died – Death

Jeremy Quinby Death, Obituary – On January 9th, our lives were turned upside down by the sudden and unanticipated passing of Jeremy Quinby, who was a husband, father, son, and brother. Jeremy had a heart attack when he was at home just a few short weeks after he had celebrated his 37th birthday. Jeremy was a shining example of goodness in this dark world. When he entered the room, there was an almost certain guarantee that there would be laughter. He would immediately put aside whatever he was doing to assist a person who was in need. Jeremy was a person who could have a good time and who was always present in the moment. Fishing, boating, and camping were three of his favorite things to do in the great outdoors.

His entire existence was centered on the welfare of his people. In addition to possessing an outstanding work ethic, Jeremy devoted a significant portion of his life to serving the community. Jeremy has spent the past 13 years working in the fire departments in Newberg (as a volunteer), McMinnville, and Lake Oswego, all of which are situated in the state of Oregon. He has held the positions of fireman and paramedic in each of these departments. During those 13 years, he established some of the most meaningful relationships with people who would later become his family. During this time, he also established a building company that specialized in the construction of individualized homes.

Recently, he decided to stop being a firefighter so that he could concentrate more on running his business, Quinby Construction. Being a father and a husband was by far his most cherished responsibilities in life. After first meeting in the eighth grade, Jeremy and his wife Brittany have been together for the past 22 years. If you knew Brittany and Jeremy, you would understand that their relationship was destined to be.

They raised their three children, along with their dogs, chickens, geese, and a rabbit, at the farmhouse that they had purchased together. Jeremy was an incredible father, and his kids think the world of him. They look up to him so much. Jeremy is survived by his wife Brittany and their three children: Brooklyn, who is seven years old, Camden, who is three, and Hadley. In addition, he is leaving behind his biological mother and stepfather, as well as his sisters, his fire family, and his in-laws.