June 3, 2023
Jennifer Mceachern Obituary - Death, Jennifer Mceachern has died

Jennifer Mceachern Obituary – Death, Jennifer Mceachern has died

Jennifer Mceachern Obituary, Death – On Friday, November 18, 2022, Janet Brock McEachern, who had lived her whole life in the state of Tennessee and had reached the age of 78, passed away in the house she had called home in Spring City. Tennessee was where she had her beginnings as a citizen of the United States. The world welcomed Janet into it on November 15th, 1944. That was the day she was born. The year 1944 was the one in question here. She received her secondary education at Spring City High School, and then she continued her studies at Tennessee Tech University, where she ultimately obtained a Master of Science degree.

This achievement was a result of Tennessee Tech University’s hard work. In addition to her work in the field of education, Janet formerly held a position at the Federal Aviation Administration for a period of time. She found great joy in striking up talks with unfamiliar individuals and participating in a variety of new experiences. In addition to this, she found tremendous pleasure in spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren, who provided her a great deal of happiness. When Janet went to the services held at the Spring City Presbyterian Church on a regular basis, she became a well-known face to the members of the congregation who frequented the church.

Janet Brock’s parents, A.B. Brock and Ruth Story Brock, had both passed away prior to the time that Janet was still developing inside of her mother’s womb when she was born. Her children Gideon “Tripp” (Jennifer) McEachern, who lives in Franklin, Tennessee, Lauren (Ryan) Tallent, who lives in Spring City, Tennessee, and Amanda McEachern, who lives in Gainesville, Virginia, are among the members of her family who have survived. Amanda McEachern currently resides in Gainesville, Virginia. Lauren (Ryan) Tallent currently resides in Spring City, Tennessee.

She is survived by her children, as well as her sisters Phyllis B. Silber and Susan Shadis, both of Richmond, Virginia, and Greensboro, North Carolina, respectively; her grandchildren Kaitlin Reed, Nicholas Colavita, Benjamin Colavita, Katherine Colavita, and Riley Tall; and her great-grandchild Riley Tall. She is also survived by her sisters Phyllis B. Silber and Susan Shadis. She is also survived by her great-grandchild, Riley Tall, who was born after she passed away. At a later point in time, we will provide information on both a Memorial Service and a Celebration of Life with those who are interested. In lieu of sending flowers, memorial gifts can be sent to the Spring City Presbyterian Church, which can be found at the following address: P.O. Box 455, Spring City, Tennessee 37381.