September 30, 2023
Jeff Soderberg Obituary - Death, Founder STG Consulting Has Passed Away

Jeff Soderberg Obituary – Death, Founder STG Consulting Has Passed Away

Jeff Soderberg Death, Obituary – The sad news that Jeff Soderberg, our company’s founder, has passed away has caused all of us to be in a state of great mourning. Not only was Jeff a pleasant boss to work for, but he also pointed us in the right direction with the work that we performed and provided us with goals to shoot for. Jeff was an excellent boss. We will look to Jeff to continue to serve as the pumping organ at the center of our STG family, which we consider to be an extension of our own biological family. The fact that we will be able to continue the work that he started will be something that we will count as a privilege.

He takes great satisfaction in the fact that he has a huge family that includes a lot of children and grandchildren and that has been a constant for him throughout his life. Chris, Erik, Greg, and James, all of whom are married to other people, are his biological children. Greg is married to Lauren, and Erik is married to Beth. Kate is married to Trevor. James is married to Heather. Beth, Lauren, and Trevor all play significant roles in the marital lives of Erik, Greg, and Kate, respectively. He made a concerted effort to spend a great deal of time with them, and in the year that he had left to live, he was blessed with the opportunity to travel and go on an adventure with each of his families.

He was able to make the most of the time he had with them. Because of the work he put in, he was able to spend a significant amount of time with them. He passed away without ever having to endure any agony or distress.