June 4, 2023
Jeff Fisher Obituary, Flower Mound Texas, has died - Death

Jeff Fisher Obituary, Flower Mound Texas, has died – Death

Jeff Fisher Obituary, Death – Jeffrey Fisher, who had reached the age of 48 at the time of his dying on September 10, 2022, was no longer with us. He had passed away. Jeff entered the world on April 22nd, 1974. His birthday is April 22nd. In 1993, Jeff earned his high school diploma from Newton Falls. After that, Jeff went on to work at WCI Steel Mill for the next 15 years, until he purchased Taylor Made Charters in Ashtabula from his father-in-law and mentor Captain Taylor Click and his wife Violet.

Taylor Made Charters was previously owned by Captain Taylor Click. Jeff is now the owner of Taylor Made Charters, which he operates. In addition to spending time with his friends and family, some of Jeff’s favorite things to do were going fishing and hunting and spending time outdoors. Jeff is survived by his wife of 28 years, Brenda Fisher, and his five children, all of whom live in Southington: Shelby Boroughs Fisher, Jessica Fisher, Brenna Fisher, Jayme Fisher, and Jordan Fisher.

Jeff is also survived by his son, who was born in Southington. In addition to his three grandchildren, Gianna, Romeo Jr., and Amara, who were the sources of his greatest joy and pride, he also had a son named Romeo. In addition, Cindy and Terry Martin, Jeff’s parents, who live in Newton Falls, will be orphaned after he passes away. His siblings are Angela York, also known as “Jimmy,” and David Fisher, also known as “Diana.” Both of his siblings reside in Warren. David Fisher is also known as “Diana.” Melody, Thomas, Debbie, and Shawn are the names of his stepbrothers and stepsisters, respectively.