September 30, 2023
Javan Sanders Obituary, West Virginia - Death, Javan Sanders has passed away

Javan Sanders Obituary, West Virginia – Death, Javan Sanders has passed away

Javan Sanders Obituary, Death –  My hunt for an image that would be suitable for this context took a lot more time than I’d want to admit to being honest about. Like forever. Because Javan would never forgive me if I chose the wrong photo, and I can’t take that risk because of how much he cares about me. In the end, I chose the alternative that he would consider satisfactory while making sure that he maintained a cheerful demeanor throughout. Because if you know Javan, you are aware that he was the kind of person that was always laughing at whatever is going on around them. We said our final goodbyes to our wonderful, happy, and generous brother the other day. Most critically, their father has been taken away from five beautiful, brilliant, and fascinating little humans who have been taken care of by their mother.

If you are able to make a contribution, we would be really grateful to you for doing so. Our number one concern will be to see to it that Javan is laid to rest in an appropriate manner and that a space is reserved for his children so that when they are older, they can go there and talk to him about their father. This will be our first and foremost goal. The remaining of the estate will be put into a trust, which will be overseen by a third party and will be used to provide financial support exclusively for his offspring and grandkids. I would want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their thoughtfulness and the lovely words that they have shared. Because Javan never talked to anyone he didn’t know and thought of all of his friends as family, our thoughts are also with all of you.

These funds will be used specifically for cremation and funeral expenses and costs associated with a memorial service. Any money left after final arrangements will be transferred into a trust, managed by a third party, to be distributed amongst Javan’s children according to terms outlined in the trust.  Click HERE to donate and share