September 29, 2023
Janice Johnston Obituary, CBC News journalist died at 62 - Death

Janice Johnston Obituary, CBC News journalist died at 62 – Death

Janice Johnston Death, Obituary – On Friday, the life of Janice Johnston, a journalist whose career spanned several decades and who had a significant impact on how justice and crime were reported in Edmonton and Alberta, came to an end. Johnston’s career had a significant influence on how these topics were covered. The Canadian Society of Journalists counted her as a member at one point. It was the year 62 when this event took place. Johnston entered the world on March 2, 1960, in the city of London, in the province of Ontario.

He only put up a valiant fight against cancer for a short period of time before losing his battle with the illness and passing away. Over the course of more than three decades, Johnston covered the criminal justice system in Alberta. During that time, she displayed a level of dedication to the beat that is unparalleled.
She leaves behind a large family after her passing, including her partner Scott Johnston, her daughter Samantha Milles, her son-in-law Demetri Milles, and her granddaughter Calliope Milles (Cali).

Samantha Milles mentioned in an interview that took place on Friday that her mother was always driven by a “electric spark” that pushed her work, and that she was successful in her capacity as a journalist from the very beginning of her career. The interview was conducted by Samantha Milles herself. Samantha Milles is the mother of Samantha Milles’s daughter, Samantha Milles.

“A couple of months ago, she was reporting on subjects about which she still had a great deal of excitement to speak, themes about which she felt very strongly, and things with which she had a very strong personal connection. To tell you the truth, her vocation was to work for the organization in the role that she did, and she fulfilled that vocation to the best of her ability “Milles said