June 1, 2023
James Morton Obituary

James Morton Obituary – Death, Jeepers Jamboree Inc. Board Member Has Passed Away

James Morton Death, Obituary – James Morton, a much-loved member of our board of directors and a good friend, has passed away, but he will never leave our hearts. Although he is no longer physically present, we will always remember him. This information is being sent to you despite the fact that our hearts are heavy and our heartfelt regrets. Jim’s commitment to each and every one of his friends and his infectious excitement for taking part in a wide variety of outdoor activities will be sorely missed. Don’t forget to keep all of his family, friends, and loved ones in your thoughts and prayers.

He was a considerate and humble person who would go out of his way to help anyone or any animal in need. James is a wonderful example of a compassionate and nice human being. Because of his exceptionally high level of intelligence, I frequently referred to him as my personal walking encyclopedia. He used his free time to catch up on some reading, practice meditation, take care of our animals, and replenish the bird feeders. Whether it was practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, going to the shooting range, playing the video game Star Wars, listening to music, or learning about survival and sustainability in all situations of life, his hobbies were as distinctive as he was. You could frequently find him reading blogs about international news on Zero Hedge while listening to podcasts by the likes of Quirks and Quarks, Jocko Willink, Dan Harris, and Joe Rogan, to mention just a few. He was quite knowledgeable about coffee and tea, and he had a strong passion for ice cream.

You can’t help but notice how frequently obituaries include the phrase “lost their battle with…” followed by the person’s name. Although James passes away as a result of glioblastoma brain cancer, I did not observe him as someone who was fighting a lost battle throughout his journey. James, on the other hand, was a powerful, resilient, courageous, and bright man who was attempting to navigate through one of the most challenging and terrible types of cancer that is available while also coping with massive stroke deficits. He did not give up and ultimately won. He defied the odds, outliving the doctors’ predictions and “numbers,” and accomplishing things that they thought he would never be able to achieve again.