September 30, 2023
James Donaldson Obituary - Death, James Donaldson Has Died At Age 28

James Donaldson Obituary – Death, James Donaldson Has Died At Age 28

James Donaldson Death, Obituary – Cody Donaldson was born on June 2, 1994 in Franklin, Pennsylvania to Michele and Rusty (Zeke) Donaldson, who resided in Harrisville at the time of Cody’s birth. Among the people he leaves behind are his parents, Michele and Zeke, as well as his sisters Grace (Landon) Yoder and Emily Donaldson, both of whom reside in Harrisville. Finnegan Donaldson, his kid, who is currently 15 months old and will also survive him. His maternal grandfather, Richard Chambers, of Emlenton, is still alive, as is his paternal grandfather, Harry (Linda) Donaldson of Callensburg.

His paternal grandmother, Jeannie (Bob) Weaver, of Grove City, and his paternal grandfather are all still alive. Jeannie Weaver, his maternal grandmother, is still still alive and well after his passing. In addition, his two nephews, Trenton Horn and Evan Yoder, and several nieces, Natalie Horn, Avery Everleigh, Brooklynn Yoder, and Elizabeth Donaldson, are among those who have survived. His other niece, Elizabeth Donaldson, also made it. In addition to this, he leaves behind a great number of aunts, uncles, and cousins who will miss him very much.

Cody Chambers was predeceased by his older sister Christie Donaldson, his maternal grandmother Diane Chambers, and his cousin Emma Chambers. Christie came before Cody in the afterlife and served as his immediate predecessor. The arrival of Cody and Sarah’s son, Finnegan Donaldson, was the event that brought the man the greatest joy and sense of accomplishment. Cody looked forward to hanging out with his friends and participating in pleasant activities such as working on cars. One of his favorite things to do was the one described below.

He worked in the autobody repair industry for a number of years prior to earning a position as an assembler at Wabtec in Grove City. During that time, he improved his abilities in a number of different areas. Other activities that interested him were playing the guitar, racing motorcycles, and shooting pool.