June 1, 2023
Jackson Ball Obituary, Durham NC, has died - Death

Jackson Ball Obituary, Durham NC, has died – Death

Jackson Ball Obituary, Death – Jackson Everett Ball . The sixth of January, 2023. The city of Durham in North Carolina. Before he turned seven years old, Jackson Everett Ball was responsible for preventing the loss of three lives. He was the second child to be born to Hillary Little and Billy Ball. His sisters Charlotte and Alice were his closest pals. He was the second of Hillary Little and Billy Ball’s children.

Jackson was a devoted enthusiast of bouncing balls, music, getting dirty, and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels (his new jersey was No. 1, Leaky Black’s). He was a member of the first grade at Lakewood Elementary School, which was recognized as the Bulldog of the Week and won the Artrageous Award twice. Dressed impeccably in a jacket and tie, he went to see “Frozen” at DPAC for the first time. Jackson spent the majority of his youth serving as his mother’s walking partner on their early morning trips to the bakery and as his father’s living proof that cool guys can also dance well. He takes like his father in being left-handed and inquisitive.

He takes like his mother in being compassionate and having dark eyes. Freckles like constellations. At least once after he stopped being a child, Jackson was found with a handful of cheesecake before dessert was served. His mother titled the photo “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!” and he was immediately forgiven, becoming a party legend in the process. After Jackson suffered a catastrophic brain event on January 4, 2023, some of his beautiful, hilarious, curious, and brave qualities were shared with other families. Some of these qualities were also shared with atoms and cells of his body.

His family is appreciative to the skilled emergency care professionals in Durham and the personnel at Duke University Hospital, who were able to save his organs so that they might be used by other people. It is just one example of the many ways in which the brief, unique, and vibrant life of Michael Jackson changed the world. His parents and sisters still reside in Durham. He is also survived by his grandparents, Rodney and Polly Little of Charlotte and Debbie Ball of Elizabeth Cit.

great-aunts and -uncles Connie, Bonnie, Tammy, Robbie, Eddie, Sallye, and John; aunts and uncles Laura, Natalie, Ellie, Gabrielle, Lily, Cody, Lucas, Ryan, Bobby, and Will; cousins and dear friends Henry, Bradley, Denise, Robert, Aaron, Jack, His mother made the observation that Jackson’s loved ones, including his great-grandparents, great-aunt Julie, great-uncle Billy, and Jackson’s grandfather, who has since passed away, “can’t wait to meet him.”