October 1, 2023
Hal Parker Obituary, Nyack's Corner Frame Shop, has died - Death

Hal Parker Obituary, Nyack’s Corner Frame Shop, has died – Death

Hal Parker Obituary, Death – Hal Parker, a prominent local entrepreneur who lived in Nyack for many years and passed away lately, was a lifelong citizen of the city. The owner of the store is 74 years old, according to what was stated in the sentence. According to Phyllis B. Frank, who referred to Parker as “chosen family,” Parker was a philanthropist not only to local artists but also to anyone who might have been in need.

Frank said that Parker would help anyone who asked. Frank reported that Parker was thrilled about the opportunity to showcase the work of local artists. In the 1990s, the two of them came up with the idea of presenting a showcase that would make a contribution toward the finance of a homosexual pride event that was just getting started at the time. She claimed that Parker would not keep any of the money for himself at any point during the transaction.

The money were utilized to support Gay Pride Rockland, which later became known as Pride Sunday and eventually resulted in the establishment of the Phyllis B. Frank Rockland County Pride Center. Frank noted that Parker’s generosity caused a ripple effect that could be felt all around the neighborhood, and he continued, “Everyone was aware of him and his reputation. According to Frank, whenever they entered a restaurant, everyone, from the customers to the owner to the staff who were bussing the tables, would say hello and give him a hug. This was evidence of the respect that Parker earned from the community.

She elaborated by saying that what she meant by this was “simply becoming friends with, promoting, and aiding to the rising immigrant population.” When someone was in need of assistance, Parker would frequently put them in contact with groups or individuals who could provide it for them. Because of his “open heart,” his “respect for and validation of folks who were striving to find their way,” and the fact that “he was just a true friend,” Frank commented that “he was just a genuine buddy and support.” According to Frank, his contributions were carried out in the background and without fanfare “He’s a quiet provider.