September 28, 2023
Gregg Hixenbaugh Obituary, 1 Dead In Rochester NYS Car Accident - Death

Gregg Hixenbaugh Obituary, 1 Dead In Rochester NYS Car Accident – Death

Gregg Hixenbaugh Obituary, Death – On Sunday, January 8, 2023, Greg Hixenbaugh, age 52, passed away as a result of injuries incurred in a motor vehicle accident that took place earlier that day. The incident took place earlier in the day. The crash occurred at an earlier point in the day. William L. Hixenbaugh and Mary Catherine Johnston, who were residing in Rochester at the time of their son’s birth on March 13, 1970, welcomed their first child into the world by giving birth to him there. They are the people that gave birth to him.

People will most likely remember Greg for his contagious sense of humor and the unending love he had for his family. These are the things that people will miss the most about Greg. During his time of service in the United States Marine Corps, he achieved a great deal of success. His enthusiasm for working out and several other kinds of physical activity drove him to pursue a wide variety of other career opportunities.

In addition to his position as a coach at the University of North Carolina, he was also actively involved in the “Young Marines” program. This program is geared toward the youngsters of the surrounding community and serves as an outlet for him to interact with and mentor them. Young people are given assistance through this initiative. After that, Greg was able to land a job as the team’s strength and conditioning coach in the National Football League (NFL) with the Carolina Panthers.

This post was previously held by another individual. Greg has enjoyed a successful career that has allowed him to branch out in a variety of directions. In the course of his professional life, he once held the position of bodyguard for Shaquille O’Neal. He is survived by his wife, Jennifer Clor Hixenbaugh; daughters, Alyssa Fiacco and Shelby (Robert) Cintron; grandchild, Boone Cintron; siblings, Ken (Michelle) Hixenbaugh, Bill Hixenbaugh, Mike Hixenbaugh, Shari (late Mike) Page, and Kevin (Taryn) Hixenbaugh; along with many nieces, nephews, and friends who were very close to him. He passed away on The day he passed away was Mary Kay is the name of his mother.