September 28, 2023
Glen Bess Obituary, Man killed in Jacksonville shooting - Death

Glen Bess Obituary, Man killed in Jacksonville shooting – Death

Glen Bess Death, Obituary – The victim of a gunshot that took place on Monday in Northwest Jacksonville was a man in his 24th year. He was found dead at the scene of the incident. The deceased guy, Glen Bess, was said to have a daughter who had just recently been born, according to a member of his family. According to the police, he was one of two people who were injured in the incident that took place on Baldwin Street, and he was reportedly one of the injured parties. No one has been able to identify the other individual or even come up with a name for them.

The family member only consented to speak to News4JAX over the phone as long as they were allowed to maintain their anonymity during the conversation.
“He was a tremendously giving person,” one of his relatives from a different generation remarked. If it meant giving up his life, he would aid anyone who was in need. “He would help anyone in need.” Someone who is close to Bess remarked that he has a lot of things to look forward to in the future, including opportunities and other experiences.

“He was the kind of person who put a lot of effort into everything. The position is supervisor at UPS A member of his family said, “His birthday was just a few days ago, and he just recently became a father to a brand-new young girl,” and they shared this information with one another. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has not made any public announcements on an arrest, nor have they made any information regarding a probable suspect public. A member of the victim’s family made the remark that the deceased “was a nice guy, and he did not deserve what he got.”