May 28, 2023
George Glinatsis Obituary, Deputy Mayor of the City of Botany Bay has died - Death

George Glinatsis Obituary, Deputy Mayor of the City of Botany Bay has died – Death

George Glinatsis Death, Obituary – We regret to inform you of the demise of George Glinatsis, who had previously served as the Deputy Mayor of the City of Botany Bay. Mr. Glinatsis was a longtime community leader in Botany Bay. Because of this, We are going to have to apologize profusely in advance. George was widely acknowledged to have been one of the community members who shown the utmost level of dedication. On Christmas Day, George, who had been struggling with his health for a number of months prior, passed away with his daughter Anne by his side. George had been battling his illness for the preceding few months.

For the past three months, George had been putting up a valiant fight against his disease. A mere twelve months ago, George’s wife Maria went away in an unexpected and unexpectedly sudden manner. This took place only the previous year before. After winning a seat on the City Council for the first time in 1991, George was subsequently selected for the position of Deputy Mayor of the city the following year in 1995. He continued to serve the people of the City of Botany Bay even after the council amalgamated with the Rockdale Council on September 9, 2016, at which point he retired from his position in public office. He served the citizens of both councils until the merger took place.

Before then, he kept on doing what he was doing; that is, he kept on serving the people who lived in the City of Botany Bay. Even after We was elected to the New South Wales Parliament, George continued to serve as my deputy, and he did so for almost another 17 years after that. In spite of the fact that we haven’t spent a great deal of time with George in recent years, the best way to describe him is the same way that we introduced ourselves to the House of Commons when we gave our inaugural address: George is the kind of person who is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone who needs it.