May 28, 2023
Fred Keller Obituary, Fred Keller has passed away - Death

Fred Keller Obituary, Fred Keller has passed away – Death

Fred Keller Death, Obituary – It is with deep regret that we must inform everyone of the passing of a person who was so instrumental in improving the lives of so many people living in the surrounding towns! Yesterday, Fred Keller passed away with his family and many close friends by his side. In this town, Fred was larger than life, and everyone looked up to him. He had a lot of experiences that he could talk about, a lot of stories that he could tell, and he contributed a lot to Sussex, Lisbon, and even Lannon. When we were children, we had fond memories of Fred attending athletic events, taking photos, and submitting them to the Sussex Sun.

Even to this day, whenever we meet one other, he brings up the period when I played soccer in high school as well as the time when he played soccer overseas when he was in the military. A number of years ago, when we became Directors of the Sussex-Lisbon Area Historical Society, Inc., he expressed such joy and enthusiasm. He has a deep affection for, and has always made sure to include, Lannon history in their collections. He played a significant role in the earlier historical events that took place in Lannon, and he was always writing news pieces for the Sun on the history of this place. His Bald Facts and Pages From the Past were extremely popular among all readers.

Without everything that Fred has done for the historical society, it never would have become what it is today. Despite this, Fred found himself missing his wife, June. She passed away in 2021, and despite the fact that he continued to pursue his interest in history and was active in the community, he grieved deeply over the loss of his true love. They are now reunited, and despite the fact that some of us are grieving over his loss, he has left behind a lot of things that let us remember the things that brought him joy in life.