September 28, 2023
Frankie Rae Obituary - Death, Frankie Rae Has Passed Away

Frankie Rae Obituary – Death, Frankie Rae Has Passed Away

Frankie Rae Death, Obituary – I am experiencing a great deal of melancholy today. The heartbreaking news that one of my former students, Frankie, our beautiful “Hey Jude,” had passed away was delivered to me today. Yesterday evening, he went away suddenly despite being accompanied by his boys and his family. He was just 2 and a half years old. I have no control over my tears. These three wonderful brothers were there when their friend suddenly left their world too soon. As Frankie’s breeder, I am able to comprehend their anguish and feel their suffering alongside them. My friend is going to have to say goodbye to her nighttime sofa buddy, and it breaks my heart to think about how her sons will feel when they realize they will no longer have their greatest friend.

Sweet Frank. My memory of you will always be of you emerging from a giant Happy Birthday gift bag on a bright and sunny October day. You will be adorned with ribbons and bows for all time. You will always be remembered to me as the person who put the sweetest, most genuine birthday smile on a young boy’s face that I have ever seen, and to this day, I have seen many birthday smiles. According to what your mother has shared with me, during your time here on Earth, you have provided an incredible amount of love and happiness to your family, and for that, I am so immensely proud. Frankie did not suffer from any physical conditions.

No prior diagnosis. He was an absolutely typical cat in every way: cheerful, goofy, and full of mischief. Why do terrible things happen to those who have done nothing wrong? Why does our world have to be so heartbreakingly unfair? At this time, we do not have any answers. Simply an excessive quantity of emotions. Broken sentiments. Empty sensations. Helpless sentiments. Let us all take Frank’s death as a terrible reminder to give that one extra kiss to our furbabies… Keep a firm grip on them for for five more seconds… After your arm has had enough of the exercise, throw that silly catnip mouse across the floor of the living room one more time.

Our animals are only with us for a fraction of the time that we would like them to be, therefore they are deserving of all of the love and attention that we can give them.