September 29, 2023
Flo Jones Obituary, The first Secretary-Treasurer of Council has died - Death

Flo Jones Obituary, The first Secretary-Treasurer of Council has died – Death

Flo Jones Death, Obituary – The news that Flo Jones, the first Secretary-Treasurer of Council 3, had passed away due to an unexpected cause came as a shock to all of us over the previous weekend. It is with great regret that we must inform you of this latest development. Sister Jones was selected to serve as the first Secretary-Treasurer for Council 3 in 2012, and she remained in that role until the end of her term in 2018. In addition to that, she served on the board of directors of AFSCME Local 112 as both the recording secretary and the vice president during the time that she was there.

Before she took on the role of secretary-treasurer for our labor union, she worked as a social worker for close to 20 years at the Department of Social Services in Baltimore, Maryland. During that time, she specialized in foster care, adoption, and adult services. Before that, she worked as an assistant to the executive director of the organization. Flo was an enthusiastic and dogged social worker who channeled all of her strength and vitality into her work and the people she was helping. She was someone who had faith in both the work that she did and the clients that she served.

People who were in need of aid received a significant amount of her time as well as her personal resources, which she generously donated. In addition, we will never forget her unflinching loyalty and commitment to her union, as well as her vision for a better workplace for each and every worker in the state of Maryland. This is something that will live on in our memories forever. We are thinking about and praying for Flo’s family, friends, and anybody else whose life she touched with her kind, generous, and caring character. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.