June 3, 2023
Eugene Kouri Obituary

Eugene Kouri Obituary – Death, Well Known Man From Corpus Christi, Texas, Has Passed

Eugene Kouri Death, Obituary –  We are writing to tell you the unfortunate news that Dr. Eugene M. “Gene” Kouri passed away on December 30, 2022 in the city of Corpus Christi, Texas. Our condolences go out to you and your family during this difficult time. During this time of sorrow, our thoughts and prayers are with you. His peers in the field of medicine accorded him an exceptionally high level of respect and admiration during his lifetime. It is with the utmost regret that we have to pass on this information to you, but we cannot change the current state of affairs.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any trouble this may create. When he passes away, Moselle Kouri, his wife of 36 years, and their children will be the only ones who will remember him because they are the only people he has ever known. They are the only other humans he has ever come into contact with throughout his entire life. After completing his time in the military, Dr. Kouri went on to receive his dental degree and begin a successful career in the dental field. He was a pioneer in the field of pediatric dentistry in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and was considered to be one of the early pioneers in the discipline.

Following the conclusion of his service in the armed forces, he embarked on a professional path in the field of dentistry. Since he began his career as a pediatric dentist more than half a century ago, he has assisted an uncountable number of children and young people in resolving issues that are linked to their dental health. He has been of service to the community in this capacity ever since. Since he laid the groundwork in 1986 for what would eventually become the Kreating Smiles Pediatric Dental Office, we continue Dr. Kouri’s work with a tremendous sense of appreciation and gratitude for all that he has done for us. This is because he laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Kreating Smiles Pediatric Dental Office. During the month of January, there will be a memorial ceremony held at the Greenwood Chapel in Fort Worth, Texas, in honor of Dr. Kouri. The Greenwood Chapel is going to be the location that is in charge of hosting the event.