October 1, 2023
Enovan Godoy Obituary, 1 Person Killed In Mandeville Accident - Death

Enovan Godoy Obituary, 1 Person Killed In Mandeville Accident – Death

Enovan Godoy Death, Obituary – Enovan Romero On Tuesday, a car driving on U.S. 190 near Mandeville, Louisiana, was responsible for the death of a pedestrian who was later identified as Godoy, 38, of Lacombe. Following the completion of the investigation, this identity was established. Godoy spent his entire childhood in the city of Lacombe, which served as his hometown. When the car hit Godoy, he was walking on the road at the time of the accident. He was present at the time of the crash, which took place.

This information was made available to us for examination by the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office in order to assist us in developing a deeper comprehension of the circumstances. Godoy sustained major injuries after being struck by a vehicle as he was in the process of crossing the highway.
The results of the autopsy that was performed on Godoy by Charles Preston, the coroner who determined that Godoy’s death was the result of an accident, revealed that Godoy died from several instances of blunt-force trauma.

The coroner ruled that Godoy’s death was the consequence of an accident. The investigation by the coroner determined that Godoy died as a consequence of an accident. According to the conclusions of the investigation, Godoy’s death was due to an accident, which was ruled to be the cause of his passing. At this current juncture, the toxicological reports have not yet been finished being compiled and are still in the process of doing so. The next of kin of Godoy, who was a citizen of Honduras, were alerted by the coroner through the Honduran Consulate prior to the identity of Godoy being made public.

This occurred before the coroner released the information to the general public. It was discovered that Godoy had passed away. Godoy passed away in Honduras, which was the location of his final resting place. At that time, all of the events that took place prior to the coroner revealing Godoy’s identify to the whole public took place. According to the notification, the collision that took place earlier today is being looked into by the Mandeville Police Department right this very second. [There must be other citations for this]