May 28, 2023
Douglas Hess Obituary, A general surgeon, Douglas Hess has died - Death

Douglas Hess Obituary, A general surgeon, Douglas Hess has died – Death

Douglas Hess Death, Obituary – On January 11, 2023, Douglas S. Hess, M.D., a general surgeon who had practiced in Bowling Green, Ohio for the previous four decades, passed away at his home. He had 92 years under his belt. He had a long and successful career in medicine, one of the highlights of which was serving as the Wood County Coroner for sixteen years. Dr. Hess had a lengthy and successful career in medicine, and in addition to that, he was very interested in the farming operation that he owned and managed.

Even after he had retired from active medical practice in 2004, he continued to spend his weekends working in the fields, which he found to be quite enjoyable.
Dr. Hess was born on August 24, 1930, in the house that his grandpa had built for the family on the property that had been purchased by his great-grandfather in North Baltimore, Ohio. His parents were named William R. Hess and Jessie E. Hess. His son and his family now make their home on the farm in the same house as Dr. Hess did when he was a child.

At the age of eighteen, Dr. Hess tied the knot with Patricia Eloise Sterling, the girl he had been in love with since high school. They went to North Baltimore High School together and grew up less than three miles apart from one another in North Baltimore. They had been married for close to 72 years at the time of their separation, during which she was employed in his office as he pursued his medical career.

The month of March 2021 saw the passing of Patricia. After completing his high school education at North Baltimore High School in 1949, Dr. Hess went on to study at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. After completing the first year of college, he made the decision to move back to North Baltimore, where he had grown up, to get married, and carry on the family farming business.