September 28, 2023
Domingo Medina Obituary - Death, Domingo Medina Has Died At Age 87

Domingo Medina Obituary – Death, Domingo Medina Has Died At Age 87

Domingo Medina Death, Obituary – My grandfather, Domingo Medina, who lived a long and fruitful life, passed away in the first few days of this year; yet, it is amazing to think about how long his life was. When he passed away, he had reached the age of 87 years. His life has unquestionably been jam-packed to the brim with fascinating adventures. His upbringing was spent in the country during his formative years, and his family came from a background of modest circumstances. While working as an apprentice for a family friend who was in the sector, he gained knowledge and experience in aeromechanics.

After that, he worked for the military in the aviation industry, specifically with airports and airplanes. His job responsibilities included both of these areas. His children made the most of this chance by booking flights to New York City, where they visited other members of their family who resided in the Heights neighborhood. (My name was given to me after my mother began dating a Jewish girl, and this is how it came to be) In the picture that I have shown you, he is seen seated on Riverside Drive and 157th Street. You can find the picture here.

The comedy derives from the fact that my mother relocated to the same general neighborhood, albeit two streets away from where we were previously living. When I would drive by the area of Riverside, which is only one avenue away from where I live, I couldn’t help but reflect on the fact that my grandfather had formerly called that community home. There are some very odd mechanisms operating somewhere out there in the universe. The remaining images are ones that I took of him when I was visiting, and they can be found here.

Despite the fact that I was unable to pay my respects in person at his funeral because the trip would have cost too much and taken too long, I am extremely happy to have audio recordings of him that I can listen to. I’m going to miss my grandfather, so please be respectful to the elderly members of your own family. – Helen The remembrances that Helen has of her grandfather, Don Domingo Medina, who passed just a few days ago. These photographs were taken in the Washington Heights neighborhood at various times between the years 1970 and 2000.

We pray for his soul and ask that he continue to keep a watchful eye from on high over his loved ones and family members even if he is no longer physically here.