September 30, 2023
Dennis Shepherd Obituary, Dennis Shepherd Has Passed Away - Death

Dennis Shepherd Obituary, Dennis Shepherd Has Passed Away – Death

Dennis Shepherd Death, Obituary – When we heard about the passing of a person who was truly exceptional in their own right, we were all overcome with a feeling of tremendous loss. Dennis Shepherd. To act as the resident handyman and cleaner is one of the honorific obligations that have been bestowed upon us. I have been a resident of Avonlea for the past five years, ever since I moved there in 2013. That was when I made the move. Things would be much different right now if Dennis weren’t a part of our family; if you weren’t here, they would be quite different. Rest in peace. We want you to know that your family and the rest of Dennis’ family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Please accept our assurances that this is the case. It is a great honor that I have been granted the chance to have a chat with you and to spend some time with you at this moment. Thank you very much for your time. Because it is such a valuable piece of artwork, you did Brooke a wonderful service by giving it to her. Your humorous disposition and the generous spirit with which you live will be remembered with warmth in the years to come. Rest in peace Dennis During this time of great need, our thoughts and prayers are with Dennis’s family. On the roadway that only goes in one direction, we enjoyed our conversations with him every time he came by the Bin Inn.

Since he has been a part of Grey Power for a good number of years, we have been looking forward to seeing him there on a regular basis. RIP Dennis.