September 30, 2023
Dennis D. Howd Obituary - Death, 70Years Old Dennis Howd of Ithaca has Passed Away

Dennis D. Howd Obituary – Death, 70Years Old Dennis Howd of Ithaca has Passed Away

Dennis D. Howd Death, Obituary – Dennis D. Howd, who was born and raised in Ithaca and passed away on January 7th, 2023 at the Sparrow Hospice House in Lansing, Michigan, was a resident of Ithaca his entire life. He had spent all of his life in Ithaca, where the university is located. He was seventy years old at the time. The 31st of August, 1952 was the day Dennis Dean Howd was born. It was planned for him to join the Howd family as the offspring of Dean and Catherine (McIntosh) Howd.

The beginning of their family could be considered to begin with his arrival. In his spare time, he enjoyed tinkering with automobiles, lawnmowers, and clocks. When he had the opportunity, he also enjoyed hanging out at the campgrounds at Leisure Lake. The bond that he shared with his family was, in his eyes, of the utmost significance in his life, and he placed this bond above all others.  The passing of Dennis follows in the footsteps of both of Dennis’s parents as well as the passing of Dennis’s wife Estella prior to Dennis’s passing.

He is survived by his three children Michael (Tammy) Howd, David (Coresa) Howd, and Sara (Matthew) Shattuck, all of whom reside in the city of St. Louis; ten grandchildren; eight great grandchildren; siblings Richard (Deborah) Howd of St. Louis, Christy Howd of Crystal, and Larry (Vicki) Howd of Vestaburg; and ten grandchildren; and eight great grandchildren; and ten grandchildren; and eight great grandchildren In spite of the fact that a memorial service or some other celebration of the life of the deceased person will take place at a later time, the person who was the subject of this discussion has already been cremated. The responsibility of ensuring that all of the necessary arrangements are taken care of has been delegated to the Berry Funeral Home in Shepherd, and they have been tasked with taking on this responsibility.