June 3, 2023
Del Bremner

Del Bremner Obituary – Death, Del Bremner Has Sadly Passed Away

Del Bremner Death, Obituary –  Del Bremner has died , On August 27, 1938 in Siletz, Oregon, she was the seventh of eight children that Maude (Porter) and Alfred Lane brought into the world. Her parents’ names were Maude and Alfred. The seventh child to be born to Maude (Porter) and Alfred Lane, she was the seventh child overall. Chemawa, Oregon, and Siletz, Oregon, were both places where she spent her formative years, but Chemawa was always considered her primary abode. While she was a student at the Chemawa Indian School, she announced her engagement to Cecil Bremner, a resident of Browning, Montana, who would go on to become her husband in the future.

The ceremony of marriage took held on May 14th, 1956. the year was 1956. She eventually found a place to call home, got married, and started a family with four children, all of whom she cared for until they were old enough to handle things on their own before she went back to work. Eventually, she found a place to call home, got married, and started a family with four children. In 1991, she and her husband made the decision to relocate to Siletz, Oregon, which was both of their birthplaces. She was able to round off her excellent professional career at the Siletz Community Health Clinic. It was there that she achieved this accomplishment.

Her time spent working for the Tribe and her time spent living in her home in Siletz, which was located on the river, were both quite delightful to her. She also found great satisfaction in the fact that both of these experiences were very similar. Her hobbies included knitting, crocheting, beading, and making regalia. She also enjoyed offering advice to her older children, bragging about how attractive her grandkids are, and watching her grandchildren compete in sports.

She enjoyed spending her spare time going on trips with her family, tending to her garden, playing bingo, and drinking a beer while relaxing after a round of bingo. She was an expert seamstress, and she sewed all of the gowns and ribbon shirts that her grandchildren wore to pow wows and other ceremonial events. Additionally, she sewed all of the blankets that were used by her grandchildren. In addition to that, she embroidered items for the members of her family as well as the people in her inner circle.