September 30, 2023
David Weichmann Obituary, Greenwood County coroner names Highway 72 crash victim - Death

David Weichmann Obituary, Greenwood County coroner names Highway 72 crash victim – Death

David Weichmann Death, Obituary –  The name of the driver who was killed in a collision that took place on Tuesday has been discovered thanks to the efforts of the office of the Greenwood County Coroner. The collision took place on Tuesday. Greenwood County was the location of the unfortunate event. The incident that caused the crash took place on Tuesday. Tuesday was the day that the occurrence that led to the crash took place. It was roughly 12:29 in the afternoon when the collision occurred on Highway 72, as determined by the findings of the inquiry that was carried out by the coroner.

According to the findings of the coroner, 26-year-old David Ray Weichmann was driving a 2016 Ford pickup westbound on Highway 72 into Abbeville when his vehicle went off the road, crossed the oncoming eastbound lanes, and entered the yard of a house. Weichmann was killed in the crash and was pronounced dead at the scene. Weichmann was pronounced deceased at the scene of the accident after being involved in the fatal collision. It was determined that Weichmann had gone away as a direct result of the incident, and his passing was registered there.

Weichmann did not make it through the collision alive and passed away as a result of the injuries he sustained. Weichmann was found to have passed away while the attending medical crew was still present at the scene, according to the findings of the attending medical staff. According to the findings of the coroner, one reason that led to the construction of a probable entrapment situation was the fact that Weichmann’s truck became caught between two trees. This was one of the factors that contributed to the formation of the scenario.

The unfortunate piece of news is that it was discovered that he had passed away at the scene of the collision where he was involved. This is incredibly distressing information to hear. These are quite distressing pieces of information. Both the South Carolina Highway Patrol and the Coroner’s Office are still, in their own individual ways, conducting investigations into the earlier collision that occurred. These investigations are being carried out simultaneously.