January 29, 2023

David D’Lima Obituary – Death, Graduate of Canyon Crest Academy David D’Lima has Died

David D’Lima Death, Obituary – According to officials with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, an incident that resulted in the death of a pedestrian took place in Encinitas early on the morning of January 1. The incident took place a little after twelve in the morning. At the hospital, the victim’s death was confirmed by medical staff. According to his friends, the young man who was brutally murdered has been conclusively identified as David D’Lima, who had just recently graduated from Canyon Crest Academy and was 23 years old. D’Lima was also the victim of a recent school shooting.

Just before 12:30 in the morning, members of the Encinitas Fire Department and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene of the collision that had occurred at the intersection of Encinitas Boulevard and Coast Highway 101. There, they found multiple people who had been injured. According to what Sergeant Jeremy Collis has said in his statements.

According to Collis, “a pedestrian was walking northbound across Encinitas Boulevard as a vehicle that was traveling westbound on Encinitas Boulevard was approaching Coast Highway 101. “The individual who was walking was not visible to the driver of the vehicle.” “After striking the man, the vehicle continued in a westbound direction onto West B Street and then fled the area.” “After hitting the man, the vehicle fled the area.” “Immediately after striking the man, the vehicle sped away from the scene.”

Following the assault, D’Lima was taken to the hospital where he was treated for his serious wounds; however, he did not survive his time spent there and was pronounced dead. On the GoFundMe page that had been established in order to assist David’s family, a message was added to the post section. In the post, it was stated that “David was an intelligent human who was responsible, kind, compassionate, and loving toward his friends and friends in general.” [Citation needed] He had the uncanny ability to make everyone laugh at any given moment, and the infectious grin on his face served as motivation for many. He had the ability to make everyone laugh.