May 28, 2023
David Diemer Obituary, David Diemer has died - Death

David Diemer Obituary, David Diemer has died – Death

David Diemer Obituary, Death – David Diemer was a Shetland pony and Hackney pony owner, breeder, and exhibitor for a significant amount of his life. He spent a large portion of his life to these activities. Throughout his entire life, he was active in all of these areas. He remained engaged in each of these spheres throughout the entirety of his life. In addition to that, he was actively involved in the production of Hackney ponies as well as their exhibition.

After hearing the news that he had died away, we are in total and absolute disbelief, which is especially true when taking into consideration the fact that he can be seen in this picture riding the majestic pony that is generally referred to as “King Supreme.” Because of its outstanding reputation, the prefix Diemer’s Pony Vista is regarded as having an extraordinarily high level of notoriety in the world of equestrian competitions.

This is due to the fact that the Pony Vista has a spectacular history. Both of Dave’s daughters, Stacy (Bonham) and Becky (Baker), have been showing horses for their entire lives, beginning when they were very little children. Stacy began in the Bonham family and Becky in the Baker family. The elder of the two is referred to as Becky (Baker). Stacy (Bonham) and Becky (Baker) are connected as a result of the fact that Dave is both of their fathers.

This makes them family members of one another. As a direct consequence of this, they have earned a respectable reputation among the other individuals that take part in the circuit. Becky and Stacy have each tied the knot with the person they have chosen to spend their lives with, with Becky marrying Baker and Stacy Bonham.