September 30, 2023
Daphne Olive Obituary - Death, Daphne Olive Has Passed Away

Daphne Olive Obituary – Death, Daphne Olive Has Passed Away Beecham

Daphne Olive Beecham Death, Obituary – Monday, January 9, 2023 saw Daphne resting comfortably in her home in Haileybury before she passed away. Her grandparents Robert Franks and Beryl (Fodisch) Franks, her daughter Ingrid Ryan, and her granddaughter D’Arcy Ryan all passed away before she did. She is survived by her husband Arthur Beecham, her son Bryan (Heather) Beecham of Ottawa, her son-in-law John Ryan of Ottawa, and her grandchildren Kyle (Jennifer) Ryan of Boston, Janna (Brandon) Ryan of Ottawa, Liam Beecham and Zach Beecham both of Ottawa.

Additionally, she is survived by her husband Arthur Beecham. She is also survived by her step-sister Lucy (Bill) Bilinski of the Midland area, ON, and her step-brother James (Jennifer) Franks of Haileybury, ON. Her sisters Cynthia (David) Wilson of Ottawa, Patricia Torr of South Africa, and Maureen (Richard) Steward of Victoria, BC also survive her, as does her step-brother James (Jennifer) Franks of Haileybury, ON. The city of Bulawayo in Rhodesia is where Daphne was born (now Zimbabwe). She received her secondary education from both St. Peter’s and Townsend schools while she was a teenager.

At Townsend, she was a standout on the swim team. In subsequent years, she pursued a career in nursing. Her marriage to Arthur took place in 1965 in the city of Bulawayo. Before relocating to Canada in 1966, the couple spent one year residing in Uganda, the country in where Ingrid was born. They had previously called the cities of Kingston, Ontario, Eldorado, Saskatchewan, and Noranda, Quebec, home before relocating to Haileybury in 1976. In addition to caring for the couple’s children, Daphne was responsible for managing the accounting and financial aspects of Art’s mineral exploration firm.

Daphne was known to be a peaceful and upbeat person. She bestowed a great deal of affection on her children and grandkids, whom she considered to be her most important responsibility. The most rewarding aspect of her life was being a grandmother to her five grandchildren. She was pleased with both their personalities and their accomplishments. That person’s demeanor as well as their accomplishments were shaped by the tremendous affection and direction she provided.