September 29, 2023
Clifton Bolner Obituary, San Antonio - Death, founder of Bolner's Fiesta Brand spices dies

Clifton Bolner Obituary, San Antonio – Death, founder of Bolner’s Fiesta Brand spices dies

Clifton Bolner Obituary, Death – The fact that the man who started Bolner’s Fiesta Brand built an empire in his hometown of San Antonio selling herbs, meat rubs, and various other spices and seasonings is only one aspect of the legacy he left behind. On Tuesday, Bolner passed away in the comfort of his home in Monte Vista, where members of his family spanning many generations were present to pay their respects. He was 94.

The majority of people who live in San Antonio are familiar with Bolner primarily because of his flavorful Fiesta Brand products. These are a colorful assortment of ground cloves and turmeric, whole oregano and rosemary, and other enhancements whose potent smells have wafted over grocery store aisles and kitchen stoves for almost 70 years. But the man who became known as “Clif” among his friends and business associates was also a devoted father, grandfather, and great-grandfather. Members of Bolner’s family affectionately referred to him as “Popo,” which is the Italian word for “wise one.” This nickname is a nod to Bolner’s family roots, which go back to his grandparents who immigrated to San Antonio from France, Italy, and Mexico.

In this sense, Bolner’s personal life and work life were one and the same. His life was just as much about bringing loved ones together over spiced-up home cuisine as it was about preserving that time-honored tradition alive with a business that is still run by his family.

Prost mentioned that her upbringing was filled with laughter and, of course, delicious meals, and that her father was frequently the focal point of these experiences. She smiled as she recalled the happy memories she had of her grandfather, Popo, playing on the floor with his children and then grandkids, while enormous pots of chili, spaghetti, and pinto beans percolated on the stove and enticed neighbors with their mouthwatering fragrances.