June 2, 2023
Christopher Fleming Obituary - Death, UNCG School of Dance Technical Coordinator has Died

Christopher Fleming Obituary – Death, UNCG School of Dance Technical Coordinator has Died

Christopher Fleming Death, Obituary – Unexpectedly, Christopher Fleming, who served as the Technical Coordinator for the School of Dance, passed away while you were away celebrating the holidays. This information is being conveyed to you with the utmost sense of regret on our part. Christopher Fleming, who was born and raised in Minnesota, completed his education at Oakland Community College and then went on to work as a studio assistant for a wide variety of different artists. Christopher Fleming was born and raised in Minnesota.

Among these artists are the performance artist Karen Finley, the choreographers Daryl Foster and Rosy Simas, and the installation and video artist Daniel, who lives and works in Japan. Christopher Fleming began his life in the great state of Minnesota, where he was both born and raised. In addition to that, he worked for a wide variety of companies in the fields of dance, theater, and opera in the capacities of Stagehand, Stage Manager, Technical Director, and Production Manager.

His experience spans all three of these art forms. A few examples of companies that fit into this category include the Bay Area Dance Series, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, the On the Board Theater in Seattle, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the North Carolina Museum of Art, MASS MoCa, the Sarasota Ballet of Florida, and the Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg. Other examples include the Sarasota Ballet of Florida. On top of that, he was in charge of productions at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Christopher held the position of Dance Technical Coordinator at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado; St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota; and the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, prior to his acceptance of the position at the UNCG School of Dance in 2015. Those three institutions are located in Boulder, Colorado; Northfield, Minnesota; and Athens, Georgia, respectively. Christopher enrolled at the UNCG School of Dance the following academic year, 2015.

Christopher had a profound admiration for the work that went into each and every one of the stages of the creative process. His enthusiasm for bringing out the artist in each and every student, as well as his delight in participating in the creative process alongside students and faculty in the dance theater, was constantly evident. He also took great pleasure in teaching students how to perform dance.