March 25, 2023
Chris Givan Obituary - Death, Former Member Micah 6 Community Has Passed Away

Chris Givan Obituary – Death, Former Member Micah 6 Community Has Passed Away

Chris Givan Death, Obituary – Today, we have some unfortunate news to share with you. Writing these pieces on folks that we care about so much is beginning to be incredibly exhausting for me.
Last night, our good friend Red, who also went by the name Chris Givan in some circles, passed away. Micah 6 Community has utilized the color red practically continuously since since we first opened our doors. Red has lived with us, played boomer ball at Dylan Pyeatt’s bachelor party, once passed out drunk at a fundraiser we were hosting for posh Clarkston people, stood on picnic tables and sung songs, and has spoken at our church (sometimes invited, sometimes not asked) (sometimes invited, sometimes not).

Red is responsible for bringing a large number of individuals to our organization with the statement “These are the people who can help you.” Then, if we would establish limits, he would say things like, “you never help anyone!” This feels like a dream as I write this post. We used the phrase “But Red will live forever” as a way to punctuate our conversations about the passing of our neighbors for a number of years. The realization that this is not the case is a rude awakening for the majority of people. Today, one of our team members shared their sentiment that “I had always hoped for a grander redemption tale for Red.” Me too.

Red was the one who posed the greatest threat to our rule that said we must love without conditions. There were times when he made things quite difficult. However, he is also the individual who benefited from the regulation the most because of his position. He was always given attention, warmth, and food, and he was taken into consideration and welcomed.
In a short while, we will gather in the church in our neighborhood to commiserate, share our experiences, and tell stories about the deceased. It is going to feel really strange without having him there.