October 1, 2023

Charles Linstrum Obituary – Death, 70Year Old Charles Linstrum has Died

Charles Linstrum Death, Obituary – Charles Linstrum, age 70, lost his life in a house fire that took place over the weekend on the east side of Indianapolis, according to the findings of the investigation conducted by the Marion County Coroner’s Office, which looked into the incident. The investigation was conducted by the office of the Marion County Coroner, which looked into the incident. Saturday was the day that the fire broke out. The public was informed on Tuesday of specifics regarding the true identity of Linstrum, which were previously concealed.

On Saturday morning, just before 7 o’clock, firefighters from the Indianapolis Fire Department were called to a home located in the 9000 block of East 18th Street to put out a fire that had broken out there. The reports from the department indicate that they were dispatched there. On the east side of the street was where the residence was located. This location is very convenient because it is situated in close proximity to the intersection that is produced when North Post Road and East 18th Street intersect. As a result, there is easy access to the intersection from this location.

After only a short time spent inside the house, the investigators were able to confirm their suspicions that a significant amount of smoke was already present within the building. Linstrum was reportedly taken out of the house by firefighters after they discovered him inside, and he was then transported to a nearby hospital, where he ultimately succumbed to his injuries and passed away there.

The incident was reported to have occurred after firefighters discovered him inside the house. On the other hand, it was reported that firefighters took him out of the house after they found him inside after the house caught on fire. The information that was provided by the department indicates that the fire was not to blame for any of the injuries that were sustained by any other members of the community at any time during the incident.