June 1, 2023
Carl Flatley Obituary - Death, Carl Flatley Has Passed Away

Carl Flatley Obituary – Death, Carl Flatley Has Passed Away

Carl Flatley Death, Obituary – After completing dental school, I served for two and a half years in the United States Navy Dental Corps, and then I worked in private practice for two years until enrolling in endodontics graduate school. Endodontists are dental specialists that treat infections both surgically and non-surgically in order to save patients’ teeth. During my 20-year career as a root canal specialist, I performed 33,000 procedures, but I never once came across the term “sepsis.” I now understand that sepsis is the overpowering response of the body to an infection, which can result in the damage of tissues, the failure of organs, the need for amputations, and even death.

When my daughter Erin, who was otherwise healthy and 23 years old, went in for an outpatient procedure, that’s when I first encountered the term “sepsis.” She underwent the operation on a Thursday, and she passed away on the Tuesday that followed. Erin was diagnosed with a healthcare-associated infection, which ultimately led to her death from sepsis (HAI). Erin’s healthcare providers (HCPs) failed to diagnose her HAI in a timely manner, and they did not give her the proper antibiotics before discharging her over the weekend.

Erin was then sent home. Because I was not familiar with sepsis, like many other practicing clinicians, and because I lacked the information I required to recognize the signs and symptoms of sepsis, we were unable to seek early medical attention for Erin. When she passed away, I was there by her side. She made direct eye contact with me and appeared to ask, “Dad, can’t you do anything?” For the past 20 years, that idea has served as my driving force.