May 31, 2023
Brian Harvey Obituary, Legendary soccer coach at OCU has died - Death

Brian Harvey Obituary, Legendary soccer coach at OCU has died – Death

Brian Harvey Death, Obituary – Oklahoma City University is in mourning at the demise of Brian Harvey, who was a legendary coach at the university. Harvey, who was 75 at the time, was OCU’s first coach for both men’s and women’s soccer when the programs were first established in 1986 and 1994, respectively. During his 34 years at the university, he established a career that is now in the hall of fame. Harvey had a significant influence on the sport of soccer across the country, the region, and the community. Harvey was the head coach of a number of professional soccer teams in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, including the Oklahoma City Slickers and the Heat.

These teams competed at the highest level of the sport. More than 6,000 children and teenagers attended one of Brian Harvey’s American Youth Soccer Camps over the course of nearly three decades to receive education in soccer from Harvey. A significant number of OCU grads have gone on to become coaches. According to Jim Abbott, who served as the previous director of sports at Oklahoma City University, “Brian Harvey is an iconic character in the history of Oklahoma City University Athletics.” “When it came to soccer, Brian was to Abe Lemons what Abe Lemons was to basketball.

The great impact that Brian had on the lives of the men and women who played soccer for him in Oklahoma will be his true legacy. Brian’s influence on the sport of soccer in Oklahoma has been tremendous. I’m very thankful for Brian’s friendship and the example he set for our department each and every day, as he was someone who radiated honesty, happiness, and character.” There have been no decisions made regarding memorial services or other methods to remember Harvey at this time; however, these details will be shared with the public as soon as the Harvey family does so.