June 4, 2023
Brett Mainer Obituary, California - Death, Brett Mainer has passed away

Brett Mainer Obituary, California – Death, Brett Mainer has passed away

Brett Mainer Obituary, Death –  Sharing the sad news of the demise of a loved one… This has been giving me a lot of trouble recently. I have been given stoic examples and have read about the protocol, but being stoic is not something that comes naturally to me. Even while I would prefer that everyone else follow the standards of politeness once you have finished reading this, I will do things the way I see fit because this person was both my spouse and the father of my children. He was held in such high regard by a great number of people, but most importantly, he was our world. He was our king. He was our guardian. He was our strength. He was our ruler. He was our voice of reason. He was the backbone of our family. It is so incredibly difficult to find the words and to wrap our minds around this, but today it is with deep sorrow that the Mainer family announces the devastating, sudden, and tragic passing of my beloved husband and father to my children with broken hearts, Brett Mainer.

The news comes with deep sorrow because it is so difficult to find the words and to wrap our minds around this. On the evening of the 2nd of January, 2023, Brett went away. We, that is Zane, Zachary, MacKenzie, and I, have been deeply grieving this loss, and we ask that you respect our need for solitude as we work through the enormity of this tragic loss. Having said that, you are free to share this material as you see fit. We will continue to post updates as there will be a Celebration of Life held at Bell Acqua Water Ski Lakes, which was one of Brett’s favorite places in the world. However, in order for that to take place, the weather needs to become drier first. As soon as it is at all possible for us to do so, we intend to make an announcement regarding the date and time of the event. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who has reached out to us to express their condolences by sending phone calls, texts, private messages, cards, flowers, food, and other items.

We would want to express how grateful we are that all of this has helped to make this dreadful moment just a little bit less dreadful. The outpouring of support from the community, whether it be from the waterskiing community or the snow skiing community, from my neighbors, from our cheer families or our football families, from our school families or our work colleagues, but most importantly, from our loving and equally devastated extended family, has been truly unbelievable. The support that we have received has been incredible, and it is something that we are grateful for and that we will never forget. We move ahead with the knowledge that Brett and our family has had such a profound impact on the lives of so many others, which is both extremely reassuring and heartwarming. We ask that you continue to pray for our family, so that the Lord may give us courage and solace.